Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Kama Sutra Massage (Part 2)

(Part 2)

Yul brought me to a small white cubicle with a thin mattress on the floor. He asked me to strip off. And in the grand tradition of Sarsi Emmanuel, I slowly undressed and sat down on one corner of the bed hugging my body as I felt the cold air from the airconditioner.

After taking a shower, Yul, in his see through white pants and electric blue bikini underwear silently prepared the oil, alcohol and hot water. Like a hunky devil he undressed, taking pride of his power lifter's body, grabbed my underwear and asked me to lie on my back.

He started kneading my yoga-tired legs masterfully knowing which points to press. He went to to my upper thighs and from then on, I knew it will be a different massage experience!

(To Be Continued)


Anonymous said...

tagal naman ng part three. hehe. sa'n ang boys of bora?

david said...

how funny! i just had a similar experience here in bangkok.

an aquaintence of mine, a well established thai businessman, offered to take me out for a traditional american thanksgiving dinner. having spent the day volunteering at the zoo hosting an extremely energetic group of primary students, i begged off citing my tired body and sore feet. "ahh," he said. "you need apéritif before dinner. i take you there."

we ended up at a men's spa called HERO in the sukhumvit area. it bears a close resemblence to your description of the boys of bora, well built and well equipped masseurs.

the massage was amazing and i was swept away into a world of total bliss.

although i generally prefer to be on top of things, this handsome thai/burmese young man showed me the art of stuffing a turkey in ways that i didn't know were possible ;-)

looking forward to reading part 3 of your post.