Monday, November 23, 2009

The Kama Sutra Massage (Part 1)

(Part 1)

Through a friend from this blog, I was introduced to a Singaporean actor, Danny who was in Manila for an event. I brought him to some of the gay places that he was interested to see.

One of them is the strip of "massage places" for men along Kamias Road, Quezon city. I immediately thought of the "Boys of Bora" who is the only massage place that openly supported the Gay Pride March last year.

"Boys of Bora" is famous for its signature Kama Sutra Massage performed by its swarthy and well built owner, Yul, a former bikini contest model.

I brought Danny to their place and he got his pick for Php350 (not inclusive of tip). Their masseurs are all noticeably well built. No twinks. No fat daddies. They all come in all colors (and certainly in all sizes!).

That evening, I did not have plans of getting a massage since I just treated myself to one of my favorite spas, Sanctuario (in Malate) the other day.

But the owner, Yul is a good friend of one of my closest friends so he offered me something that I just can't resist -- a huge discount on his Kama Sutra massage. And when he started wrapping his bulky arms on my shoulders as he tries to convince me, there was no way I could turn him down!

(to be continued)


line of flight said...

"there was no way...." now that's the spirit of adventure!

znarf3 said...

I am Gay from Subic. I despise Patrick & Rocky Pinoy Big Brother Housemates for disrespect & discriminating Rica. Both of you wala kayong galang at respeto sa sekswalidad ng ibang tao. How dare both of you to do that to Rica! At hindi magandang pag uugali ang pag usapan ang isang tao on his back. Napaka unfair para sa isang tao dahil hindi naman n...ya mapag tanggol ang sarili nya. Why don't you just say it in front of Rica? Be man enough! Kung kayo ay totoo talagang mga lalaki.