Monday, November 16, 2009

MSM Leaders

I am excited for the coming 2010 national elections. Two aspirants for two of the the highest positions in the country are MSM (Straight Men who have Sex with Men). And it's certainly not a news that I picked up from a tabloid.

The first one, a good looking candidate actually confessed to me that he goes for male to male sex during his younger years in one of our private conversations.

The second one was a former date of a doctor friend of mine. This second guy, who is an excellent public servant goes around with a loyal and a gorgeous body guard.

The two are both competent leaders. So for me, i'll vote for my candidate based on their platform, their reputation as leaders and their "openness" to the gay lifestyle.

I hope if they get elected they could help kick out the asses of the Comelec officials who turned down the accreditation of the LGBT group "Ang Ladlad".


Vince said...

Aba, sino naman kaya ang mga ito? Pa-text nga. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

mukhang si edu manzano yung first guy. sino yung second guy? =p

Anonymous said...

silrichard gomez,.cesar montano,.alfred vargas,...sino??