Friday, November 27, 2009

Gay Men's Outrage

Along with other concerned Filipino gay men, lesbian, bisexuals and transgenders, we expressed our outrage against the government's blatant discrimination on the LGBT community when the Commission on Election rejected "Ang Ladlad", the LGBT group for party list representation citing our community for being "immoral"

Here are some images from my mobile phone:

House Rep. Etta Rosales from Akbayan shares the voice of the the LGBT comunity. (Left)

A young gay man expresses his views on this national issue (Second from Top)

Meet Sister Stella Lex (left below) (note: "Sister Stella L" is the landmark movie on activism by Filipino movie queen Vilma Santos. "Sister Stella Lex" is a wannabe movie queen, Lex Bonife who is happy to fight for the rights of Filipino gay men)

"Ang Ladlad" leader Danton Remoto speaking against the bigot officials of the Commission on Election (right below)

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