Saturday, November 21, 2009

Advice to Gay Filipinos

After being attacked by the Comelec, Mr. Tulfo and even Mr. Beltran, here is a nice piece of advice to Filipino gay men from "David", one of the more intelligent readers of this blog:

sadly, your frustrations are shared by glbt's all over the world.

in my experience, people like mr. tulfo and mr. beltran seldom come around. if and when they do, it is usually in their old age when just getting up in the morning becomes their priority. therefore, your focus might better be centered on educating the youth, your country's future leaders.

the time to be heard is now. make your presence known. get out of that closet! your strength is in your numbers. only support candidates who lobby for anti discrimination in the workplace.

finally, put away your catholic upbringing and don't drop another peso in the church's plate. you might also take a hard look at birth control. its all related.



Hi David,

Thank you for this wise perspective on our situation.

My favorite among your tips is never to put another peso on the Catholic Church's plate. I hope every gay man heeds this call so the church will soon realize how important we are in the fabric of society.

Now I just hope that Bench, Smart and PLDT are not supporting the church as well.



Anonymous said...

my favourite part of David's tips is the BIRTH CONTROL...even Hillary Clinton on her recent visit to Manila made mention the importance of controlling population as a key to Pinas economic growth. about dropping peso in the church's collection plate, i normally hold my nose while doing so.

bunwich said...

yeah.. lets do this, we can also put this on a larger scale campaign. let our voices be heard.

Anonymous said...

advice???well..sabi ko nga mahirap mag explain sa mga taong immatured,.uneducated,.old pipol,..close minded at close cultured pagdating sa usaping gayness,..ngayon pa na mataas na ang tingin ng mga tao sa mga gays o lesbos, naiintindihan na ng mga tao ito,...ang mga klase ng tao na si beltran at tulfo,.e.pashowbiz at paepal lang...

Anonymous said...

guapo ni BUNWICH...feel ko mula sa puso...

James said...

Obviously, David brings his anti-church mentality from Europe. Bakit naman nadamay ang church sa mga pinagagawa nila beltran at tulfo? Pari ba sila?
Anyway, if you don't feel like giving or even praying, its your choice.
It's just pathetic that issues get mixed up and we lose focus that's why our advocacy gets derailed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with James.

The Catholic Church is not a homophobic institution. I hope you know your catechism well. The book explains the difference between the homosexual person and the homosexual act and it does not discriminate against anybody so please stop your ignorant tirades against the Church.