Saturday, January 3, 2009

Flirting in a Jacuzzi

I was naked in a Jacuzzi inside a spa and right in front of me was a naked gorgeous man – nice & chiselled face, fit & toned body. But here’s the catch, he only has one leg. He’s an amputee.

I started a conversation and asked him how he lost his leg. He got it through an accident. His words and sentences revealed his background – educated and respectable.

And I asked him if he ever experienced “Phantom Limbs” – the condition where a patient actually experiences sensation on an absent limb way after it has been cut from him. And he said, yes.

I told him that I read a book about phantom limbs and I was amazed how it is simply a mix up of nerve sensations within the brain. The idea is that it is similar to the penis feeling a sensation when you stimulate the toes.

He got interested in the theory.

And I began to stroke his toe playing “footsie” with him. And he got an erection!


Anonymous said...

WHAT'S NEXT ON THE AGENDA? a blind, deaf, pit-bull, schizo or the slut Halili. i believe you are on the wrong occupational field. Lex, it's not too late to be a social worker, nurse practitioner or a sex surrogate, if that is really your calling.

this blog is getting funnier and funnier everyday.

Anonymous said...

next time you see him, try licking his toes. it's DELICIOUS!

Lex Bonife said...

He's a lot more beautiful at attractive than majority of the two legged men I have ever met! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Where's that spa?

Christian Arman said...

lucky you, lex...hehehe ;p

Anonymous said...

Lex. please share.
whats the name of the spa?