Sunday, January 4, 2009

Josh Refuses

(Josh Ivan Morales for Climax Magazine)

The other day, sexy actor Josh Ivan Morales sent me an SMS. He thanked me for referring him to some filmmaker friends who needed an actor for their film. But he also informed that he decided to turn down all these films as it required him to do frontal nudity scenes.

Yes, Josh Ivan Morales has now, refused to go naked in front of the camera!

That’s a sad news for many of his gay fans out there.


Anonymous said...

not a big loss for the filipino frontal cinema. the new pet is MARCO MORALES. and he is willing and revealing. atcheng Josh, mahaba ang waiting list at dime a dozen pa.

Anonymous said...

NO career for him.

His lost not ours.

There's a lot of more talented, cuter, younger guys willing to do frontal.

sugarfree said...

hanggang kailan magiging "pet" ng tinatawag na filipino frontal cinema si marco morales?

bukas makalawa merong mas mapangahas at mas bata kesa sa kanya!

b4 pantasya ng mga bading si josh ivan!!

ngayon si marco morales eh bukas sino kay??

haii excitng!!

Andrew Mendoza said...


Anonymous said...

he's my fav pinoy star as far, he's so sexy in Ang lihim that I dream of having sex with him. Is there any way I can contact him for the purpose? I could pay any price that he might ask me.

ENSO said...

i also want the contact no. of josh ivan morales. one night with him before i get married. =P

Anonymous said...

Buti na lang hindi na ina-accept ni Josh Ivan ang mga roles lalo na kung maghuhubad lang siya. He may have done porn before, but I do believe he had accepted the offer for a reason. Ang sabi ng producer hindi naman ito ipapalabas sa Philippines.. but all of a sudden nag spread out na lang bigla online at sa mga bangketa. If it's for financial reasons, who are we to judge naman. :) God bless you Josh.. I wish that mas mabigyan ka ng serious roles in the future and to stay away from the STIGMA that this society had put on your name. :)