Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hanging Out with Jail Boys

About three years ago, I met a group of gay men who did the rounds of going to a City Jail to visit their boyfriends in there.

Together with a bag of donuts and a few packs of brand new Bench briefs, these gay men brought me to the City Jail to experience the rampa (sexual adventures and cruising) inside the heavily guarded compound.

We left our cellphones outside the jail. And came in for some frisking and logbook recording. We gave a 20 peso bill to our guide.

Going inside the city jail was just like going to a slum area. Half naked criminal looking guys lounge around everywhere playing with videoke, billiards and basketball. I met the boy friends of some of my new friends. And they were surprisingly quite good looking. They introduced me to other good looking inmates who are all accused of drug related cases.

Some of my companions got their bookings (sex mates) for the price of about 200 pesos. And they paid additional 50 pesos as rentals for the kubol (small room) that they used. Apparently, such activity is a commonplace in their community.

I decided to hang around with some openly gay inmates. They described to me their harrowing experience on their first few days inside the compound. They were physically abused by some authorities as they claimed. But for them, the next few days became quite an adventure as sex was really abundant inside the premises. Whenever they got to the public restroom, they told me their stories of different men always craving to shoot their load on them. (but of course, I wasn't sure if these men are all attractive and worth the efffort).

Different stories and realities confronted me on that day. Some are erotic. Many are sad. Hanging out with the jail boys was such a memorable day.


Anonymous said...

HOW MANY TIMES did you vomit after that tormenting visual experience? a jail is a jail anywhere in the world. one definition, period. the stink of dried urine, stale smoke, unbearable body odour, leering eyes, blank looks, signs of depression everywhere, scare of AIDS - definitely not my cup of tea or anyone with a sense of civility. Lex, you must have gone there for a deeper reason. you're hiding something, huh.

Julius said...

hmmm....tempting. hahahaha!!!

line of flight said...

The image of the bakla getting to the bathroom with a bathroom full of guys waiting to shoot on her. Looks like a connection with the other post on super-closeted guys and public bathrooms. There is the psychological dynamic of the gays that seek to be shot on (by hottie and ugly both) and then the psychological dynamic of waiting to shoot on a bakla.

I remember reading 15 years ago this (by then old) journal article on inmate marriages between life term prisoners in California. It was almost too hard to believe that they actually did that. But then again, I have never spent time in a prison so what is normative there is somewhat beyond my perception.