Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sex Cruiser?

Here's an interesting point I read from regarding personality profiles of gay men cruising for sex. According to Gershen Kaufman, a professor emeritus of psychology at Michigan State University and author of the book "Coming Out of Shame," :
"Public cruising is practiced mainly by deeply closeted men. Cruisers are not sex offenders. They are deeply, deeply closeted. There is a lot of self-hatred and shame and they can't allow themselves to come to terms with their sexuality. There is also the added element of danger and being discovered,"


line of flight said...

From my limited experience of life, the deeply closeted have made up one major constituency of public sex cruisers, the other being those totally out of the closet group and the public sex areas being ambiguous public spaces where these two extremes can temporarily create some kind of intimacy through casual, semi-anonymous sex. Sort of like the Poe's purloined letter.

Otherwise, regular closeted guys just hook up with their wives' friends' husbands like normal adulterers do with wives' friends and skip the public part.

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