Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Pressured Gay Son

I have met a number of gay men complaining about their family's indirect pressure on them to become succcessful in their careers.

These gay men feel that their families are indirectly forcing them to become more successful financially than most of their siblings. A good side of this phenomenon is that gay individuals become more hard working and productive in their chosen field of profession
On the other hand, this fact aside from forcing many unprepared gay men to become bread winners of their families also reflects society putting less value on gay men -- for a gay man to be accepted, one has to have money and power because inherently being gay itseld puts you on a disadvantage in this society we live in.

And that's just one of the social realities that we, gay men must learn to eradicate.

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Anonymous said...

This is sad, but true. It's unfortunate that success for us is also inadvertently a measuring tool that levels us with our straight comrades. Parents who place this drive for success also plant this subtle notion of guilt, or rather this seed of needing to make-up for our gayness. Not that success shouldn't be encouraged, but this behavior should be changed because the negative by-products will forever be embedded within our unconscious.