Friday, January 9, 2009

Help! I Want a Boyfriend!

Here's a post at the chatbox by Marj26 that caught my attention:

bakit sa akin walang ngkakagusto? kasi di ako attractive at openly gay ako dapat po ba maging discreet ako para may magmahal skin? (How come no one is interested to have me in a relationship? Is that because I am openly gay and I am not discreet. Do I have to be such just so someone could fall in love with me?)

Masarap sana pag galing ka sa trabaho at pagod sa work tapos may uuwian k n gusto mo. ung lalakeng excited n mkarating ka sa bahay dahil mahal ka niya. sana meron tyong lahat na ganoon....sana mranasan ko rin yun. (How I wish that after a day of hard work, some guy looks forward for me to get home just because he loves to see me. I wish everyone to have that special someone. I hope I could experience such love as well.)


Hi Marj 26,

Being loud and openly gay should not stop you from finding love. That's a misconception. I am openly gay and far from being discreet but I have experienced wonderful relationships even from the very discreet closet imprisoned gay men. You should always be true to yourself if you want a genuine relationship. And never compromise your very being just for another person.

In terms of attractiveness, that's a social rule that we all have to abide in if we want to attract other people. Do your best to become as presentable as you are. Get fit. Live a healthy life. And if you have extra money, spend on products and services that will make you more attractive, so to speak.

No one wants to be in a relationship with a person who cannot even take care of himself (unless you are looking for the neurotic kind).

Being human, it is natural to crave for companionship and genuine relationship. But hey, life never loses its meaning even if we navigate it alone all by ourselves.

Genuinely love yourself. And true love will most likely follow.


Anonymous said...

dear Marj26,

i think you should seriously set your mind GETTING A DOG instead. unequivocally loyal, obedient and honest they are. the only similarity with a human boyfriend is they are both tickling (the furry variety) and warm to hug.

seriously...take what you have in its face value. look at yourself in the mirror. what you see is what you get. calayan and belo could do some nip-and-tuck, but the rest, the surgi-centre doctor would need a hack-saw to transform you to a Ruffa Mae Quinto. and don't forget, it would cost you an amount of money equal to winning the jackpot at Eat Bulaga 2X.

why not go back to university for more schooling towards a 2nd degree. at the U, join the local gay society and attend its gay dance. or, join the many gay organisations in your city. this is a good way to meet other people of your interest. shun the bathouses, boytoy blogs and macho bars. they are infiltrated with people who wants to f**k everything that moves and those who wants to f**k your bank account dry.

at the end it is just a matter of having a "come what may" attitude. hopefully, your 2nd degree would lead to a more promising job local or abroad. that my dear is like winning the Lotto - money you need for the golden years to come.

like Lex said, sailing alone is not too bad at all. i agree.

think about it, as years of having a boyfriend go by, would you like to come home to a waiting BF yelling at you to "get me a beer" or "we need more chips". at least if you have a dog, Fido would be wagging his tail when you open the front door, asking to be played. would the BF wag his tail upon seeing you? HELL NO.

Anonymous said...

mcvie's surviving lonely series is also worth to read...

hey! mr.anonymous, dont have any link for me to follow. thumbs up on your say...

dubai, uae