Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goodbye Cinema

SM City North Edsa has reconstructed a new extension beside their main mall. In the process, they have torn down their four cinemas which have been a playground for gay men for many years.

Countless experiences, infatuations, thrills and orgasms have happened each day of each of these cinemas.

When the time comes when full liberation among Filipino gay men is achieved, an award must be given to SM or the family that owns it, the Sy's for providing a venue of "total entertainment" for the gay men during the days when gay sex still had to be kept from the judging eyes of the society.

Goodbye, SM Annex Cinemas. Thank you for the memories.


Anonymous said...

That is just disgusting.

Activities like these are the things that are setting the gay rights movement backward.

If we want respect, then we should act with respect. If we want society to perceive us as equal human beings then we should at least not give them the impression that we are sex-crazed maniacs.

Sex in the cinemas (while entirely exhilarating) is just unethical and really quite distasteful behavior.

And the way you exalt the cinema and by extension the act is just backward.

line of flight said...

perhaps a cinematic treatment of the SM North Edsa movie house as a docudrama?

line of flight said...

Of course, I disagree with Anonymous. Gays will never get respect by trying to imitate other people. People must be in their own integrity. I don't know if casual, anonymous moviehouse sex is in line with that.

I think Anonymous' comments of moviehouse sex being unethical is way over the top. What is unethical about it? The advent of the cinema is what produced the 20th century notion of romantic love and modern dating (straight and gay).

Cinema and the automobile (in Euro-America) provided a "private" place for couples to be intimate (get to know one another, make out, whatever) which was not available when people courted by having callers drop in and visit with the entire family.

The fact that gays have used this space for a variation on this (especially for those young gays who can't afford SOGO or elsewhere), provides ample evidence to support a challenge to the claim that its unethical. Such a claim is clearly classist and seeks to create a class specific notion of gay liberation.

Anonymous said...

NOW...my comments will not be censuring or libertarian in nature, but personal/historical notes coming from loose leaves of my memory box, otherwise known as autobiography.

do check the web, there are some good BASIC readings on these subjects. AHA! but mine are personal.

1) the GAIETY burlesk/cinema, New York City...gay guys of all ages pass through this famous cinema. pick up the Post and check the weekly line-up. the dancers are so fresh like corn-in-a-cob from the Midwest. the watery punch, stale crackers are not the attractions in the adjoining room but the chatty "cuties" eager to make some exra $$$. and yes, they know to navigate the maze in the cinema. last time i was there, they were showcasting musculado dancers from Montreal, Canada and now serving pretzels.

2) BIOGRAPH cinema, London, U.K....no i'm not making up the name. there's really a lot of "bayo-bayo" going on especially in the washroom. too bad this happened before Willy and Harry. i would have gone there in a hurry for a royal jerk.

3) ADONIS cinema, 8th Ave. at Greenwich Village...where men are re-acting what they are watching on the big screen. afternoon business suits from nearby Wall St. and N.Y.U. crowd makes a tasy pre-dinner hors d'oeuvre. wasn't there an xxx movie starring Mike Henson (R.I.P.) by Catalina made on the same subject?

4) REPUBLIC, CINERAMA, LUNETA, ODEON, STA. CRUZ ETC., Manila, Phil...these are names i heard (of course while stirring my halo-halo at Little Quiapo) way, way back then. maybe our Kuya Germs or dear ol' Alfie could shed some light and share history notes. No, Lolit Solis wasn't that lady in bandanna scanning who are behind the heavy black curtains at the Cinerama. she was too busy tending her piglets at the time (joke only Lolit).

4) PAUL REUBENS a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman, South Trail Cinema, Sarasota, Fla...everybody knows the infamous story of what (self) sex in cinema could bring you. my sympathy to him.

seems like every big city has a sex cinema or stories to tell about sex in the cinema. it's CULTURAL that becomes historical as time goes by. ENJOY the moment.

Lex dear don't fret. it's only concrete, wood, glass, paper and clothing.