Monday, January 26, 2009

Toffee Calma Goes Gay!

Sexy Actor from the late 90's Toffee Calma goes gay in his new independent film "Showboyz". In this comedy film by director Crisaldo Pablo, Toffee shuns his hunky image and gets to wear sexy cocktail dresses and colorful wigs as he plays a flambuoyant gay strip bar manager who takes care of an innocent boy from the province played by Topher Baretto (Quick Trip).

For the past few years, Toffee was out of the limelight after having done lead roles in several bold films during the turn of the millenium. Acccording to him, he went to Thailand to accept modeling jobs. After this stint, he came back to Manila and worked behind the camera as a TV show researcher for ABS-CBN's "Rated K". He stayed there for a little more than a year as this job was one of his childhood dreams. But as he confessed, he had to give up this daily work as his finances soon dwindled since this dream job didn't make enough money.

Toffee is now busy with his handicrafts business -- designing his own pieces and importing works from abroad. His shop is located in Paranaque.

Toffee's new film "Showboyz" will be shown on February, 2009.

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