Sunday, January 18, 2009

Showboyz Shoot

Last night, I came from the shoot of Crisaldo Pablo's latest film, "Showboyz". No, I did not write the script. But I came there as an actor playing a pretentiously discreet gay man who works for a gay strip bar. And mind you, I participated in one of the stripper's dance numbers in the film almost naked wearing my pekpek shorts (very skimpy shorts -- go ahead, you can vomit now!)

The film stars Topher Barreto and a surprisingly hunky actor in a very gay role. And I must say this is one of the most memorable shoots I've ever had!


Anonymous said...

WHITE TOQUE...who is the cutesy, yummy guy on the aft picture? pa-booking ba cya? how much ang damage? do you book him with Cedric? is he at DD3 Macau?

CONFESSION TIME!...i must be an avid daily reader of that other popular horny blogsite. why, i'm beginning to pick up its commentors popular vernacular.

2008 most used word : YUMMY

Julius said...


i hope during my vacation on april - may sa pinas it will be showed...