Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Amusing Critic

I picked up a very interesting note from an anonymous reader of the popular blog "Hot Men in the Philippines" (

LEX BONIFE...was smart not to be at the premiere night. he would have been pelted with raw eggs or ripe tomatillos after the showing by angry viewers. my opinion, he knew it was a lukewarm, mediocre, disappointing to some movie, compared to its successful predecessors. Yoga conference my ass, Kambyo was more important than body stretching and contouring. movies is your bread & butter and love. smart move, Lex, but business decision "O".


Dear Anonymous,

I admire your sharp honesty. What can I say? I understand exactly why you see it that way. And how I wish I could just be as candid as you are.

But hey, allow me to correct you. Yoga is my bread and butter. And not the movies :)

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