Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remembering Jerome Ocampo

(photos courtesy of http://hotmenofprovoq.blogspot.com)

A few years back, hunky model Jerome Ocampo was my favorite in the group Viva Hot Men. And I first met him in our shoot of the special interest video "Sex Guru" with Asia Agcaoili.

He was a standout from the group as he came from the US and he spoke with a very strong American twang. He exuded a confidence that many other guys from the group did not have.

"Sex Guru" was my very first sex oriented project and you could just imagine how petrified I was watching the boys put on their plasters to cover their stuff. It was such an experience!


Anonymous said...

So Lex, have u seen all the jewels of the Hotmen? Lucky u, you saw their jewels being plastered as in face to face? Who's got the fattest and longest jewel? Please describe one by one pls...hehe=)

Lex Bonife said...

Hehehe. I havent seen all though. And I really can't describe it publicly. hehehe =)