Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Proud Hunk: Njames

I have always admired men who flaunt their sex appeal and are not ashamed of their sexual preferences.

And to pay tribute to them, I am starting a new theme of posts called "Proud Hunk", featuring sexy men who are out and proud of their sexuality whether they be gay, bisexual or even a transvestite (but i guess, i need to think of a new category for trannies as they won't fit it in the "proud hunk" concept)

And Lexuality's first proud hunk is Njames.

Njames is a third year marine student from Fatima University and a former fitness consultant. This 21 year old guy from Ortigas keeps himself fit by hitting the gym thrice a week and swimming every weekends.

He describes himself to be "freshly single" and prefers not to commit into any relationship at this time. For Njames, coming out to his family was never a problem as his family wasn't exactly close to each other.

If you're curious to find out what a "freshly single" man is, get in touch with Njames at guys4men.com


Anonymous said...

from kuronafenikkusu.multiply.com

wow, cant say anything more. a great fan of njames here.... =) kudos njames

Anonymous said...

wow.. you got featured here!