Friday, July 11, 2008

Molested Like Antonio

hi lex..

im so happy knowing the fact that im writing a letter to a person who save my sanity..

after watching "ang lihim ni antonio" last night.. d ko tlga kinaya n d umiyak.. knowing that although hindi ganun ang tinakbo ng buhay ko, somehow somewhere.. tinamaan ako.. lalu n ung issue n my possibility n mging gay, kpg nmolestya nung kabataan..

thank you for the wonderful story.. proud akong pinoy k, im also a writer pero d ko n tinuloy dhil feeling ko wla nmang makakaintindi.. isang pilipino lng ang makakasulat ng ganitong storya n my damdamin at puso. isa k dun Lex..isang saludo pra syu..




Thanks for writing YDL,

I think we are born gays. So whether or not, we were molested in our innocent years just like Antonio, one could still turn out to be gay.

Don't give up on your passions in life. Go, write! I would love to read or watch them someday :)

Lex Bonife

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