Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Was Once a Urinal

Around 2003, I frequented Malate and one of the bars that I enjoyed visiting then was called Piggy's. It's a hangout place for gay men where hunky waiters were dressed in flowing, transparent pants showing off their skimpy underwears.

What was phenomenal in the place was their huge and dark dance floor, where gay sexual fantasies could always come true. Back then, if you were like me who enjoyed the smell of men's sweat, wild hands crawling on your body and anonymous kissing from men you fancy, you'd surely adore this place.

It was a place of quick hookups and anonymous encounters. Sex was quick even for someone like me who was back then normally classified as chubby.

I definitely enjoyed visiting Piggy's for a few months until one fateful evening, I was dancing the night away when suddenly i felt my shoes and my feet wet. I thought someone spilled his beer on my pants. Until I realized some drunk guy was actually peeing in the dance floor mindless about everyone else.

Unfortunately, I don't enjoy someone else peeing on me (although, I'm aware that some people are actually turned on by it). So after that incident, feeling wet and very stinky, I never went back to Piggy's.

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