Monday, July 14, 2008

More Criticisms on Kambyo

Here are the replies of some critics of Kambyo lifted from one of my favorite blogs owned by my cyber friend RD Dantes, Hot Men in the Philippines (

From Anonymous (the amusing critic from the previous post):

LEX BONIFE said, "what can I say"...that's all!...count how many bad comments Kambyo solicited in this post. your fans felt cheated, robbed, to some point - owe your fans an apology Lex. if you are really a patron of the advancement of filipino indie movies, come out with an explanation/calming reply. Lex, no one is asking for money refund...but at least speak to them.

From Marga:

walang kwenta talaga ang movie... i know Lex and co. are capable of much better films... kahit na masasabing exploitative sa mga mga lalaking artista ang parola at antonio, i would still call those films as ART.... kaya i can't help but wonder kung sinadyang papangitin ang pelikulang Kambyo. Indie films are wither ART or JUNK. sad to say, Kambyo is JUNK.


Dear anonymous and Marga,

I absolutely respect and understand where you are coming from. How I wish I'm in a position to be totally honest just as you are guys.

If you'd send me a personal email, I can respond to you privately.

Thank you for your patronage.


Anonymous said...

i really don't know what's with these guys but i guess they were all expecting more nudity in the movie in the same mold as parola and antonio kaya nabitin sila nang husto...kaso hindi nga yun ang punto ng pelikula's like a thelma and louise thing...ewan ko, i really love road trip movies kaya hinihintay ko na din ang thank you girls na bagong indie...anyway, keep it up lex...itaas pa natin ang quality ng gay movies sa pinas...

Anonymous said...

i don't think these angry viewers got the point! i can't believe a few of them has the temerity (or brains) to even reduce indie films into two categories-- art or junk. personally, i think that's a reckless and stupid assumption. nakanood lang ng so-called art-house films, feeling art critics na mga ate! pwede ba?!!! SPARE US YOUR ARTISTIC PRETENSIONS!

FOREMOSTLY, it was NOT the creators' intentions to make AN ART MOVIE! It's supposed to be light and was not intended to give you some sort of, uhm, catharsis. (which is a word i assume these viewers would probably drop given their, uhm, "education" in, uhm, "art films."

You should get that in the beginning of the movie pa lang. sabe nga ni ate, The NERD! THE NERD! wahahahaahaha!