Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gay Life in HK

My friend Rye, and his alter ego, the drag queen "Chiquita", are both popular in the gay scene party circle in Hongkong. One Wednesday evening, Rye gave me a quick look into the gay club nightlife in the Central district of Hongkong.

He brought me to Volume, one of the popular gay hangouts among the expats. Here, I met some very accomodating Filipino gay men, living the queer urban life in this modern city.

In a few hours of immersion, I learned some interesting facts about being gay in HK. The gay clubs are quite far from each other. Hence, there's no gay locale in this city unlike our cherished Malate in the Philippines. Gay establishments here are accepted by the government and THEY ARE NOT HARASSED BY POLICE AUTHORITIES (unlike in the Philippines). And the Hongkong locals are quite timid when it comes to flirting. One would need to be more aggressive as they tend to be passive and conservative.

Thanks Rye and/ or Chiquita for the night tour! Here are some of his/ her photos in his/ her club diva look.

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