Friday, July 18, 2008

How To Detect if the Other Guy at the Sauna is Gay

Having spent a lot of time in the steam room and sauna of different gyms all around Metro Manila, I came up with a list of "hints" to detect if the sexy guy right beside you is gay.

Now, let me make it clear. If your subject is positive with any of the following hints, he is just MORE LIKELY to be gay. And this list could not be a confirmation of your subject's sexual preference.

Here's my notes on this topic:

* The guy is wearing skimpy and/ or colorful and trendy underwear (more likely to be Bench body or Calvin Klein)

* The guy carries a full armor of toiletries (inclusive of lotion, moisturizer, exofliant, etc.) carefully packed in a soft water proof bag.

* The guy slowly shakes his shoulders and discreetly moves his lips everytime he hears Gloria Estefan's "Congga" or other hits from Madonna or Britney Spears.

* The guy covers his groins with a very short and thin towel making sure that everyone notices his manhood as he parades around the wet floors.

* Upon quickly entering the steam or sauna, the men inside seem to be rattled and startled by your presence. If this happens, quickly search for their crotches and you'll more likely notice one of them having a raging hard on. Then something really hot was going on just before you came in!

Any tips from you?


mraunch said...

• towels wrapped high waist style, most probably straight; low-waist means action

• towel "slits" on the side, most probably straight, opens right front could probably lead you to action

• guys who are antsy in the sauna are probably looking for action

• the more skin shown, the greater the chances of the guy lookin for lovin

Lex Bonife said...

thanks for the input mraunch!