Friday, July 25, 2008


I was asked to be one of the guest speakers by an organization of Philosophy students in UP Diliman a few days ago regarding censorship.

A question was asked. As media practitioners, how do we actually delineate what is artful and what is obscene.

My reponse was, as a consumer, I take offense in the concept of the word obscene. Personally, the concept of "obscenity" makes me feel sorry for consuming materials exclusivel for my own sexual gratification. I have the right to enjoy my sexuality. This is my own body. And as long as I do not step on the rights of any other people, I can purchase materials for my own sexual pleasure.

As a media practitioner, I find it too inconvenient and at a certain extent pretentious to classify your work as obscene or artistic. One's message should be clearly expressed whether some people find it obscene or not. Anyway, no is forced to consume my message. Why should I bother to please everyone else?

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