Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do You Love Security Guards?

One of the more interesting blogs that I read is "SG Lover" that chronicles all the sexual adventures and pursuits of a yuppy gay man chasing all his favored security guards all around Metro Manila.

Complete with pictures and well written journals, "SG Lover" is a very interesting take on fetish on men with uniform as well as a testament to a person's freedom to pursue his sexual desires although some may actually find it a "turn off". Well after all, the men he has been hooking up with are all adults, they should all know what they are all up to.

Read this very honest sexual chronicles. And if you share this fetish, you would surely learn a lot from all the experiences written in here.

Visit http://sg-lover.blogspot.com/


SG Lover said...

Hi Lex, many thanks for mentioning my blog in your blog. I find it very flattering. I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog. More power and thanks again. :-)

Anonymous said...

once tried out one (SG). very str8. but right away when we got into bed, he went wild. did it a number of times, everytime he'd be kissing and sucking nonstop. he'd luv doing it with his belt/holster on, and nothing else.

it stopped when he got married - he impregnated a maid. once he stopped by to say hello.

he brought his younger brother along ...

Jeffrey said...

it seems that web site is not working anymore?