Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On Sex Scenes and Censorship

Here’s an interesting question on sex scenes and censorhip posted by one of our readers, Alex.


Hi Lex,

I know this is a stupid question in a sense that we all know the answer. Just the same, I want to raise the question to you since you are directly involved in film making.

Lex, why do directors or movie writers such as yourself continue to make films where there are scenes that you know well enough will not pass the MTRCB's nod of approval?

Here you are again, mentioning to your readers that there is yet (again) another pink film being done complete with all the pageantry of being able to see deliciously hunky men in all their naked glory only to be disappointed because the scenes had been deleted by the censors board.

As I have said, we all know the answers already. And believe me, I do understand since I myself am a pure bred corporate guy in charge of business development. So I know what promotions really is all about and what it can do so the product/service will make money for the owners, or in this case, for the producers.

However, in your case, since we also know that you are honestly advocating for the rights of gay men in general, and pink films in particular, I would still like to believe that you continue to write and help gay film makers because it is the right thing to do despite what seems to be the obvious, albeit, the subtleness of approach.

Once more, thank you for the space.

Best regards,



Blogger, “Line of Flight” has an answer:

i can't speak for lex, but consider the broader question. how many times does one see gay sex scenes before one gets desensitized to it. a little more approved in every movie is a little more the next one can build upon. resistance is not futile.

“Line of flight”


Here’s my reply:

Hi Alex,

The implementation of the MTRCB rules are dependent on the board of reviewers assigned to a particular film. Sometimes, they are lenient. Sometimes they’re not. So it is always advisable for a filmmaker to do a “graphic” scene and shoot a “safe scene”. If the “graphic” scene gets the ire of the reviewers, then we simply change it with a “safer scene”.




thebaklareview said...

because that would be called "chilling effect". it's when our filmmakers self-censor because they know they will be censored by the mtrcb anyway. it kills freedom of expression. should we stop putting sex in our movies (especially to express certain truths) just because we know we won't be allowed to show it? NO. we should allow ourselves to express what needs to be expressed.

Anonymous said...

alam nyo,..ang sex scenes ,ok lang sana e,..pero sa pinas,..halatang ginagawa ang sex scenes para sa pampalibog,at exploitation sa mga tangang stars naman,...diba???nawawala ang kwenta o ganda ng movie dahil sa dami ng sex scenes na hindi naman kelangan sa movie,..for wat,.....gaya ng nitong sina maryo j delos reyes,jose javier at joel lamangan atbp,..gumagawa ng movie,yung mga sex scenes halatang,..wala lang,...exploitation,,.tlaga,.kaya nga ,.sa lahat ng stars jan,wag kayong pa exploit sa mga directors,..sisikat kayo,dahil sa tao dahil may god given talents o face kayo...umaabuso at nananamantala lang mga ibang directors jan,....so takecare ,mga stars,...pero dun sa mga sadyang gumagawa nito,.no comment,...god knows...