Sunday, December 7, 2008

Envying Gay Men

I was talking to a a straight guy, who was known in my circle to be a womanizer. And he admitted one interesting thing: he envies gay men.

He envies gay men who sleep around with different partners and are not afraid from the social repercussions of their behavior. He claims that unlike in his situation where he has to be very discreet about his sexual relationship with several women at the same time, gay men are practically free to sleep around with each other.

It's the first time for me to hear a straight men confessing how he envies the gay lifestyle. And it reminds me, times have changed.


Anonymous said...

THAT STR8 GUY...still has the old traditional, general concept of what it means to be gay - SLUT! that mind-set is 21st century so, so wrong...the AIDS pandemic, monogamous lifestyle values, partial (but ever increasing) community acceptance, higher education, wider job opportunities are only some of the contributing factors to the new definition of being gay.

let them know what we have gained/changed and reiterate who we really are NOW.

line of flight said...

partial (but ever increasing) community acceptance? we should definitely fear community acceptance as a term of giving up our demands for more inclusive and diverse access to social institutions and justice.

your womanizer friend is clearly envious of something we shouldn't give up -- a certain freedom from the family/village that one enjoys in the gay milieu. (now whether that should be articulated in the form of promiscuity and intimacy-free casual sex, I'll leave that up to the frailes to fight about.)