Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gay Frat?

In 2007, a small inter-university fraternity for gay men was founded acording to my source. They were composed of men who identify themselves as discreet or bisexual. Initiation into the group is expectedly very sexual in nature (instead of paddlings, i guess, a new member is slapped with a hard dicks instead). And a lot of their meetings reportedl;y required nudity from their new members.

Unfortunately, the group is no longer in existence. And many of the founding members are now married (to women).

Too bad.


Anonymous said...

is this for real? pero bakit nawala na? bkit di na existing? tapos may asawa na sila? eh 2007 lang nmn eh ang aga nmn nila kinasal haha.. anong schools daw ba involved baka kasama school ko hehe.. malay natin may mga mumunting nagpatuloy nito

Anonymous said...