Wednesday, April 21, 2010


my latest photo while shooting  in Masbate
Three days before my 30th birthday (which is today), I treated myself to a body scrub in one of my favorite "clean" spas. I was naked in front of a nice looking guy who was my attendant for the evening. The attendant took of his shirt revealing his fit torso and abs.

LEX: Ilang taon ka na?

ATTENDANT: 21 po. Kayo sir?

LEX: 30

ATTENDANT: Talaga sir?

LEX: Bakit parang ayaw mo maniwala?

ATTENDANT: Baby face po kasi kayo.

LEX: Mahilig kasi ako uminom ng gatas. At parang baby ako pag uminom ng gatas.

ATTENDANT: Ano po bang gatas ang iniinom nyo?

LEX: Nakakahiya sabihin e. Maalat kasi yung paborito kong gatas.

The attendant laughed and he started to wash me with warm water. And before the session ended, I was giving him a good scrub as well.

And because it's my birthday, allow me to thank all of you for following this blog. I am thankful for all the friends that I have made through this lexuality. And all the lessons that I have learned from you guys.

And here's a birthday request from me: Please vote for "Ang Ladalad" for party list and "Liza Maza" for senator. They will be our voices in the government. And if you're still undecided for who your president is, please consider Noynoy and Mar.

I have had 30 wonderful years of gay life. And may we all live better lives ahead.

With much love,

Lex Bonife


RONRIC said...

happy birthday.. April 20 birthday mo??

RONRIC said...

san SPA ka pumunta?? pwede ba malaman??

cookie.jison said...

Hi Lex,

It has been fun and informative reading your articles.

I am in Kuwait and I am looking forward to meet you in the future. Just stay cool, and continue living your life full and meaningful.

Happy Birthday!


cookie.jison said...

Hello Lex,

it has been fun and informative reading your articles.

I am an OFW from Kuwait and looking forward to meet you in the future. Just continue living your life full and meaningful.



Anz said...

hapi bday kuya ... more bidays to come ...

Pipo said...

Happy birthday, Sir Lex!

Alex said...

Hi Lex,

Happy birthday to you my tocayo. I wish you many more years of gay happiness and also more success to your blog, your career, and of course to your love life.



Anonymous said...

sang spa naman to, baka puede share? kung baga, pa birthday blow out mo na samin yun. happy birthday nga pala!

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

heres to another fabulous decade!

Anonymous said...

maligayang pag"bate" Lex! mula sa iyong avid reader sa Nueva York. One good thing about your blog, di ka pumapalya. di tulad ng ibang blogs na magsisimula tapos pagbilog lang ang buwan saka nagpopost. isa ka sa pinakamasipag na bloggers sa web! dapat palitan mo si ate vi bilang endorser ng gatas!

edward said...

Sir Lex, Share mo naman po sa amin kung anong spa ang tinutukoy mo. PLEASE! Belated Happy birthday po! Hope it was a happy one.

edward said...

Sir, share mo na rin sa min yong name ng masseur?

Snakey's Confessions said...

a very belated happy birthday LEX... heres to the decades more... :)

sugarfree said...

happy birthday lex!!!!

Kevin said...

do you mind if ask why you are voting for noynoy? i am still undecided so I am all ears, but i have yet to hear a rational answer from his supporters. maybe i could hear one from you.

I have to tell you one thing though, I am not a fan of blind faith, so you have to give me something concrete. All is see are empty promises, and based on his track record, I seriously doubt if he can deliver something concrete. And if you are going to go through the integrity route, i would say don't bother giving a response. I see at least two other candidates who have integrity as well, and they can offer so much more.