Friday, April 23, 2010

The Atenean Hunk

The man in this picture is not related
to the subject of the post
In the early 2000, i had an adventurous sexual affair with an Atenean student while I was a student in the neighboring UP Diliman. He was lanky and a geeky Chemistry student but had an oh-so handsome face. He was horny whenever he sees me and he asks for a blow job anywhere I can park my car around UP and Katipunan.

Eventually, we lost touch of each other. And after a few years, I began to see him in a few TV and print ads as a model. He has bloomed into a beautiful man with a gym fit body to match his angelic face. I bumped into him at Gateway and I asked him if he still remembers me. He said, how can he ever forget the gay man who gave him his first sexual experience.

About a year after, I was doing a show for the Malacanang palace. We were billeted in a hotel somewhere in Manila. My stage director was boasting that a model was waiting for him by the lobby. The model was his "thing" for the night. And as we got off the elevator, I saw him, the Atenean hunk from my past. And just like most models, he has become a part of the pricey sex trade.


Anonymous said...

And he is? Any clue? :-)

Anonymous said...

sarap mo siguro magsuck hehehe he was so fortunate to have been sucked by you..

Anonymous said...

Just in the interest of fairness to the generic "model" in the picture, could you just make an addendum to your post that the model in the picture is not the model in your story? You would be amazed how many people might be confused by that. (Yours truly, Corporate Risk Management Department)

Anonymous said...

Ako Lex, suck mo din ako!