Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Guard Part 1

(Model only)

I just realized that when you reach a significant number for your age, in my case 30, you tend to go back to your past. And I particularly enjoy revisiting the memories of the different men that came into my life. 

About six years ago, I wrote an erotic letter and sent it anonymously to different yahoo groups for gay men. This time, allow me to claim this beautiful experience - my relationship with a wonderful straight guy who works as a security guard.

Here is part 1 of my lengthy letter:

             Si Gardo
Last month, our company organized a marathon event. And while we were giving away our raffle prizes, I saw a nice looking guy eagerly waiting for his number to be called. He caught my attention. I found him so hot. He is 5'9, Moreno, muscled, with well defined legs and arms, clean, army cut with a pleasant face whose smile I will die for.

At first, I was quite afraid to approach him. He could be an military guy who might just hit me on my face or a snobbish student from a respected university who might look down on me as an annoyingly aggressive gay guy. But then, I thought I had to take a risk. I was so just so smitten by him. I introduced myself and gave him my business card. I found out that he is an employee of one of our clients. And he was a security guard.

So, let's just call him Gardo (pun intended!). After this we started texting each other and I asked him out for dinner.We dated twice but nothing happened between us. Puro kuwentuhan lang ng buhay buhay at ng kanyang 2 girl firend na pinagsasabay niya.

He told me that a good number of gay guys have approached him but he turned them all down kasi nakakabastos daw yung approach nila. In fact in our second date at Eastwood where I left him for a few minutes to chit chat with a friend of mine, I saw one gay guy approach him. I checked how he will react to him knowing na di niya ako nakikita. But pinaalis niya yung baklang nagpakilala sa kanya at hindi niya ito in-entertain. Feeling ko tuloy ang ganda ganda ko kahit ang laki laki ng tiyan ko (I was overweight back then)

What's good about this guy is he never asked me for anything kahit na piso. Except of course I had to spend for our food and movie tickets which is but normal. He doesn't even smoke and drink, so wala akong bisyo na kelangang suportahan pag lumalabas kami.

On our third date, hanggang holding hands lang kami pag nasa kotse kami. But when we watched a film sa Eastwood, I was surprised na kami lang 2 ang taong nanonood. Luma na kasi yung palabas"Shrek 2". I began to play with his nipples and his chest. Yun lang ang ginagawa ko and he guided my hand to his crotch. Feeling ko tuloy, sanay na sanay pala ito! Then I felt na tinitigasan na pala siya.



edward said...

More! More! More! Bitin! The story is quite interesting...

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

!?! suspense queen

Anonymous said...

exciting!! hilig mo talaga mambitin lex! good story teller ka! - mark

Melanie said...

I-continue na agad ang letter... now na!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

good storyteller....ang galing nya mag imbento ng salamin ba sa inyo lex?