Saturday, April 17, 2010

Police Victimizing Gay Men


The mobile patrol unit roving around the Quezon City Memorial Circle have finally been relieved from their post as they have been charged by extorsion by their latest victims. I know several gay men who have been victimized by the Quezon City police men who are in cohorts with some men posing as sex workers loitering around the circle. Here's their modus operandi, when a gay man inquires about the services of a supposed sex worker, the police mobile pops up somewhere extorting money from the gay patron threatening him with a charges of prostitution if he does not cough up thousands of pesos.

Ironically, a group of female nurses went around the circle looking for a male dancer for a bridal shower they are organizing. The police pops up. But the female nurses fight back and charge them with extortion.

May this incident serve as a lesson to these unscrupulous police men.

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Grammar Nazi said...

you mean unscrupulous.

Anonymous said...

karma sa mga hayup na pulis na yan!!!! mga mukhang pera!! kaya dapat sana isasama na yan sa susunod ng pagbuka ng lupa at lalamunin sila ng buong-buo.... kapal ng mga mukaha!! letse sila!!!

Anonymous said...

this story is true! nabiktima na rin ako nito dati!