Friday, April 16, 2010


Popular showbiz new site, writes about my first team up with filmmaker Monti Parungao for the film "Pulupot":

Si Lex Pumulupot Kay Monti (Kumalas naman kay Jay!)

The gay film “Pulupot” is the first creative team up of “Sagwan” filmmaker Monti Parungao and “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” writer Lex Bonife. These two major contributors in today’s contemporary gay cinema have been friends for years but it’s only recently with the film “Pulupot” that they have decided to work on a full-length feature together.

“Pulupot” is a story of Eva (Justin Ferrer of TV’s Survivor Philippines), a lonely transsexual entrepreneur who waits for the love of her life, Edgardo (Gio Gapas) to fall for her, while his life is currently enmeshed with complicated relationships with a gay man (Justin De Leon of “Ang Lalake sa Parola”), a sex worker (Echo Caceres of “Survivor Philippines”) and his girlfriend (Joyce Acorda). The story is an upbeat testament to the simple truth that love is a choice. And sometimes the most inconvenient choice is the key to one’s happiness.

Lex, who also penned the ground breaking film “Ang Lalake sa Parola” is happy with the realistically humorous approach of the film. While its director Monti Parungao, whose film “Sagwan” is currently in the main competition of Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, is excited to showcase the rich diversity of the controversial red light district in Pampanga, the setting of the film.

“Pulupot” opens this summer at Robinsons Theaters as well as other gay-friendly cinemas around the metro.

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