Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Triumph for Filipino Gay Men

The Supreme Court, the more respectable government branch has allowed "Ang Ladlad", an LGBT group to be a part of the party list race reversing the decision of the despicable bunch of idiots from the Commission on Election. This is history in the making, a milestone in the liberation of Filipino gay men.

But this is not enough. We the gay men, bisexuals and other members of the LGBT must have a show of force by voting for "Ang Ladlad" this coming elections. We must have a clear, strong voice of how important we are in this bigoted nation of ours.

And aside from our votes, "Ang Ladlad" needs our help. Here is their plea from facebook account:

"Ang Ladlad Party List needs donations of goods, products and services for the campaign. We also accept cash, wc can be deposited to Ang Ladlad LGBT Party, BPI Savings Account 1993077425, Kalayaan Avenue, QC. Swift code: bopiphmm. You may scan dep slip and email to us to so we can give you a receipt and a gift."

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