Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teenage Fantasy

If you were stuck in a boat with the hunk of your teenage sexual fantasies, what will you do?

In my case, nothing. As boring as I am, I just asked him a few questions.

The hunk in this scenarion is former boldie films regular, now an award winning actor Allen Dizon. I was stuck with him for a few minutes shooting a scene in a lantsa in Masbate for Joselito Altarejos' Cinemalaya entry "Pink Halo Halo", where Dizon plays a lowly soldier who dies in the Mindanao war.

For Allen, he considers his first film "Curacha: Ang Babaeng Walang Pahinga" as his most daring film having played a live sex performer in the movie. In the span of his more than a decade acting career, Allen has acumulated over 40 sexy films to his credit and is probably one of the very few who has stayed in the business and has reaped awards for his performances. Currently, he is nominated for this year's URIAN (Filipino Critic's Award) for best actor for his favorite film "Dukot".


Pipo said...

He's hotter now. DILF.

Anonymous said...

muntik nang maghello yung yagbols sa first pic. sayang!

Anonymous said...

i know you're looking at it too... ;-)

Anonymous said...

hope you can cast him in one of your gay movie. with a hot love scenes.