Saturday, April 3, 2010

Justin's Egg Hunt

It's Easter. And in this photo taken from our film "Pulupot", Justin De Leon (from Ang Lalake sa Parola) certainly knows where to find the much sought after "easter eggs".

Here's the film synopsis:

“Pulupot” is a story of Eva (Justin Ferrer of TV’s Survivor Philippines), a lonely transsexual entrepreneur who waits for the love of her life, Edgardo (Gio Gapas) to fall for her, while his life is currently enmeshed with complicated relationships with a gay man (Justin De Leon of Ang Lalake sa Parola), a sex worker (Echo Caceres of Survivor Philippines) and his girl friend (Joyce Acorda). The story is an upbeat testament to the simple truth that love is a choice. And sometimes the most inconvenient choice is the key to one’s happiness.

"Pulupot" is showing on April 28. And definitely, I'll be giving away invites through this blog. See you at the premiere!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lex,

can you please update us whatever happened to the movie "Ang Palabas ni Adonis"? you said to watch out for it last Feb 2010. Has the project been canned?


Anonymous said...

Hi lex,

I'm a fan of your work and I am quite excited with this new movie of yours. I hope it can at least match the good story and the daring scenes you presented in Lihim ni Antonio, which by the way, is my favorite among the movies you made.


Alex said...

Hi Lex,

Thank you for giving the pink community worthy gay-themed movies, albeit the usual budgetary constraints.

For as long as people like yourself will continue to make movies of this kind, you can also expect the support from the patrons.