Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flirting with the Bouncer

I was in a bar a few nights when this good looking and obviously muscled bouncer caught my attention. My hormones raged and I was again, in a flirting mode.

LEX: sir, konti lang ba ang bading na mga pumupunta dito. (Do many gay men frequent this place?)

BOUNCER: meron din. (just a few)

LEX: Puro straight lang ang nandito, ano? (Most of the people here are straight, am I right?)

BOUNCER: Oo sir. (Yes, sir.)

LEX: Dito ka ba every night? (Do you work here every night?)

BOUNCER: Hindi sir, sa Pag Monday at Wednesday , sa Makati ako nagdu-duty. Pag weeekends, dito naman ako duty. (No sir. I do my duties in a bar in Makati every Mondays and Wednesdays. During weekends, my duty is in here)

LEX: Eh sa bahay ko, kelan ka puwede mag-duty? Minsan kasi kelangan ko ng bouncer e. (How about in my place, would you like to do some duties in there?)

BOUNCER: Kayo sir...(just let me know when...)

Numbers were exchanged. Fees were agreed upon. But the date was never confirmed. I was just testing my flirting skills.


line of flight said...

I think its clear you had him when he said "oo sir"

Anonymous said...

WARNING!...keep on doing that and one day you'll go home with a fat lip, a black eye or your pride soaked in tears. you're taking a big risk playing with people with big ego...careful my dear, the moment will come and when it comes, it will be the wrath of a heavy hand.

Anonymous said...

not patronizing or encouraging anyone, but i have to argue that most filipinos are "pacencioso" and most of the time try to avoid offending or hurting other people's feelings at their own expense. remember a true sign of a gentleman is never hitting a "woman" or in thie case a man with the heart of a woman. this is why i love coming to the philippines because anywhere else, yes, anonyhmous is right, i will feel the wrath of a heavy hand. i say lex "go boy!"

warmest regards,
ken chang

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Mukhang hindi ko kaya yan!

Naks! galing mo naman.....

Anonymous said...

2nd anonymous is the harbinger of doom!! May bad experience ka ba? Depende talaga sa bading yan at sa approach. Hindi ko din alam, kase may itsura akong bading kaya siguro madali akong makakuha ng straight or approachable lang ako at may sense of humor. The bottom line is diskarte talaga. Most of the time pag napatawa mo yung guy sasama syo yan.