Friday, February 27, 2009

The Xanadu Experience

(Scene from the film "Walang Kawala", shot at Planet Xanadu)

Here's the third part of my gay bar (male strip bar) report with my trip with Lexuality reader Mr. D from Singapore:

Our first stop that Saturday night is Planet Xanadu. Because of its spaceous performance area, this place is a favorite among gay videos -- its the venue of the instructional video "Hubad: Striptease Sessions for the Daring Men" and the bar featured in the digital movie "Walang Kawala".

We reached this bar by turning right to the street by the Monumento in EDSA and turning left after a few blocks from EDSA. This street is a bit hard to find though. And we took about five turns to finally find the street where Planet Xanadu is located.

The boys here are quite okay. But the performances are a lot more superior than most of the bars we have visited.

Except for some talented twinkie dancers and some nice looking men gyrating, I did not experience anything special on this bar as there was no "big event" on that evening. So Mr. D decided to fly to Klub Modelo in Manila after a two drinks.

Entrance to the bar is Php250. Men's drink is also on that range.


line of flight said...

At least we know what to charge as an entrance fee if we wanted to start our own dance-club bar, P250 seems to be the going rate.

Anonymous said...

beware non-locals!!!

this bar is located in a seedy part of malabon. right next to it is the squatter's area and it is hard to get a taxi. if u do get one it is fixed as it is the same taxi guy whose meter is inflated; u will be charged an arm and a leg. i ended up paying about 400pesos in fairness mama sabrina is great and not pushy unlike the other bars' mamasans. this bar doesn't have vip room and for you to taste your guy you have to pay a bar fine of 3k plus to take ur guy to a hotel. unlike other bars like adonis, vip room is about 1.5k (2008 price) plus whatever ur guy consumes and u can do whatever with ur guy. first time of course u might have a hard time talking ur guy to be sucked as the guys there are taught to tease u so u will come back for more. gay bar life is very expensive and i don't suggest u try if ur resources are limited. in 3 months time i was out over 300,000 pesos as this guy will try everything to milk u. but u know that's the price u must pay when u r looking for the best...goodluck and be money smart. these guys in the bar know only how to make the most money and don't ever they will end up loving u...that's a fantasy!

Anonymous said...

WITH DUE APOLOGY to the serial writer, but Mr. anonymous comment is what i am looking forward in a bar review. honest, frank, down to earth and most important - security conscious (nice feeling to make it home alive). he throws out bits of trivial info, dares to compare and lastly, some life lessons too...well done and i shall eagerly await your further comments...KABAYAN SALAMAT!

line of flight said...

If you are price-conscious, get a massage.