Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You've Got Male

Jan Nieto, Harry Santos, Bryan Termulo and Gian Magdangal are the four men who make up YOU’VE GOT MALE. Formed by the creative minds behind GMA 7 “S.O.P.” the group was once part of the segment called “Three Of A Kind”. The idea of putting 4 male soloists may not be new, but choosing which ones to include is the tricky part. Fortunately, the choices made by “S.O.P.” were right, as the segment would soon become one of the most awaited portions of the show.

The group is taking on a new challenge as they will be headlining their first major concert entitled “FOUR… The First Time”. The concert is set to introduce them as legitimate concert performers, both as soloists and as a group. What makes this show doubly interesting is that the audience gets to see them individually presenting their respective talents as solo artists, and as a quartet, complete with four-part harmonies.

“FOUR… The First Time” will be on February 20, 2009 at the Music Museum, 8PM. Special guests include Lovi and Concert Queen, Ms. Pops Fernandez. Produced by Dream Concert Asia Entertainment Production, in cooperation with GMA 7. Tickets are available at Music Museum (721-0635) and Ticketworld (891-9999)

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Anonymous said...

IT'S FUNNY...i was watching them at SOP Sunday aft. and my mind wandered. i was silly telling myself, "O, HOW I WISH LEX COULD HOOK UP WITH ONE OF THESE GUYS AS A BF." that will make Lex happy, me happy and the whole Lexuality bloggers happy...these boys are good looking, talented and have strong lungs.

PS...sadly, i will be in Manila a week past their concert.