Friday, February 6, 2009

Jake Strips Off

Jake Roxas has no qualms doing nude scenes or gay scenes for as long as it is a good role like his character in the upcoming indie "WALANG HANGGANG PAALAM".

In this Paolo Villaluna & Ellen Ramos film, Jake plays a homosexual private detective who is hired to look for a runaway girl (Lovi Poe) but bfore finding her, he must find himself first. He has a lover (played by Rico Barrera) who is unfaithful to him.

Jake turned down "Selda" before and he regretted it.Now, he gets a shance to sink himself into a real good role in "WALANG HANGGANG PAALAM", The film will have a premiere on Sunday, February 8 at 8 pm at Robinson's Galeria. Joem Bascon also stars.

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Anonymous said...

love his face,..apil,..sana more movies at tv roles,..parang si RCHARD GOMEZ,,...may asawat anak na sya diba???....magaling sya sa WALANG HANGGANG PAALAM na sana ma nominate sya ,,..