Friday, February 13, 2009

Feeling Better After "Kambyo"

Hi Lex,

Just watched your movie, KAMBYO (movie credits are rolling while typing). i feel free like a bird although i'm here in dubai were homo is a no, no and yet...

anyway, thank you so much. my life is in trouble now. recession, vacation allowance, pasalubong, family, homesickness, personal matters, "kwarta" etc...

but this film made me realize that my life now is half full and not half empty. 2 thumbs up!

all the best.



Hi Julius,

That's very nice to hear.

Each one of us has his own "trouble" one way or another. You're right. It's the way we see things that would make a difference.

Sincerely yours,


PS Let's give credit to the director Joselito Altarejos. He worked a lot harder than I did to make "Kambyo" possible.


MrCens said...

thank you!

i was not expecting that you will use this letter as your post for this very special day, friday the 13th, hehehe...

letter sender,


william said...

Hi Lex,

My name is William, how can i get a copy of "Kambyo"? I'm from dubai. I read the email from julius of Dubai, is thre any possibilities that i could get his email address?

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

ON THE WAY home from work last nite, passed by the Chinese mall to check on the latest pirated DVD offerings. Lo & behold! KAMBYO was selling at $2 (95PHP). grabbed it together with IMORAL (selling factor: Kristofer King). tomorrow (Valentine's Day) my date will be the Kambyo boys and of course the "King".

line of flight said...

when i was visiting Laoag IN in January, pirated copies of Kambyo, LsP and LnA were selling for P75. but unless I'm mistaken, legitimate Kambyo copies are available to OFW on the various websites.

tyraniKAL said...

hi lex,

i didn't know you wrote kambyo
it was a nice sweet film



ben said...

I have been looking for a script writer for a long time (5 yrs.)since my retirement.I frequent the Philippines coz I enjoy the people there.I am a dual citizen, US and PI.I finally find you.After reading your blog for a while.I definitely think you are the one I am searching for.I had seen the LSP and ALA,both movies are great.I like your honesty and integrity and you can write.Thank you so much for your writings.I truly enjoy them.I have a story in mind and would like to make it into a movie if you and I can collaborate.I was born and raised in the P.I and now a retired Psychologist. I'll be looking for you when I am back. I am now in San Diego, CA. Uncleben