Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Avenida Bar

To continue my gay bar (male strip bar) adventures with Lexuality reader Mr. D from Singapore, after a few drinks at Big Papa, we took a cab going to Avenida (now known as Rizal ave.) in Manila to visit The Ultimate Zone.

Right after that colorfully lighted bridge from Lawton, the cab that we were in suddenly stopped. The vehicle was having engine problems. From the bridge, we decided to walk. Mr. D kept on talking with his Singaporean accent asking about the place that we are in. And I told him to keep his mouth shut as the street that we were in were'nt exactly the safest place in Metro Manila. I just realized that his foreign accent could attract criminals lurking in the dark.

So we walked for a few meters until we got another cab to bring us to "The Ultimate Zone" sleaziest bar in our itinerary. It is located a fews meters from the Doroteo Jose station of the LRT1 and is right beside Fugoso st.

If you don't like men sucking each other onstage, doing unprotected anal sex show and a lot of erection dance performances, then this place is not for you. You could simply close your eyes and take comfort on their hilarious DJ who has a verbal diarrhea for synonyms and "heart warming" phrases.

The best part of this bar, is the gorgeous stripper who sat with Mr. D. The stripper upong going onstage whipped up his majestic cock, came to our table and gave Mr.D some reassuring pat on his face.

Entrance to the bar is P250.


line of flight said...

It is harder for me to see unprotected anal sex performance in a commercial establishment as not exploitation. There is something about my idea of agency where I feel poor are much better served by proper regulation of sex-related industries and unregulated in this way as exploitation.

During WWII, the U.S. Army overruled the Honolulu Police Department and allowed organized prostitution that was heavily regulated by public health officials regarding the health and safety of the women involved.

Anonymous said...

SHHH! keep the noise down, said the
SOGO lady...the beans will spill and the Club will be deluged with a boisterious crowd (a la UPFI indie film nites). how the wind shifts direction. then it was BKK as the sex capital of Asia, but now MNL bounced back (again), bagging the reputation. enjoy the moment. it won't be long 'til chain and padlock appears in its front door. 2010 is a election year...

continue the tour M'am Lex.

Anonymous said...

hi lex, just wanna ask san yung location ng ultimate zone bar?(the one you were referring na malapit sa d. jose at right beside fugoso st..) kasi i wasn't able to locate the place nung nandun ako sa area na yun..ano malpit na landmark dun or any other establishment na malapit..thanks..=)

Anonymous said...

di ba ito yung lugar na parang nasa tagong lugfar din if you are on the other side of the road, beside ISETAN RECTO.... actually medyo delikado ang lugar pag gabi diyan..