Saturday, February 7, 2009

Encounters with "King"

Kristoffer King (photo from

I have finally met Kristoffer King, the URIAN Best Actor nominee and the sleazily yummy actor from “Serbis”.

I have met him in two different instances within the past few days. First, I was his co-actor in the film “Showboyz”. I was introduced to him while he was down to his trunks and all making me more excited to speak to him.

Lex (this writer) and Kristoffer King

We sat in one corner and he shared with me how he started in the business. Before his break in the movies (Mario O’ Hara’s Babae sa Breakwater), he was part of a dance group that used perform in noontime shows. And with an inherent sex appeal, as a dancer, he also did private shows for bridal showers. This explains how he got his “professional” dance moves onstage while shooting for Showboyz as a stripper.

For Kristoffer, the two of the best moments in his life are his experiences in Cannes Film Festival. First was with “Babae sa Breakwater” and the second is the recent “Serbis”. The march on the red carpet is so memorable it makes him feel “a very important person”.

After about a week, I met Mr. King again. This time, he is auditioning for the lead role in “Sabong”, Joselito Altarejos’ new digital film for Viva. In front of us, he showed us his “sensitive” side as an actor. More than his physical appeal, Kristoffer was comfortable with his skin and his very being – the mark of a true artist. That I think is his edge over many actors in this country.

This February, watch out for Kristoffer King in his new film Showboyz (directed by Crisaldo Pablo). Showboyz will premiere on February 11 at the UP Film Institute.

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