Friday, February 27, 2009

Lexuality Talk @ De La Salle

It was a thrilling experience to speak in front of four sections of Literature and Humanities students of De La Salle University. There were just about two gay men in the room (I asked the students to raise their hands if they were gay) but many of them seemed to be very interested in the story of the gay men.

My lecture is entitled "Kuwentong Bakla: The Evolution of Gay Men in Filipino Films" where I traced how Filipino films have reflected the level of acceptance of the gay men in our society throughout decades of the film medium.

From the funny gay characters who become straight before the film ends to the urban gay men of today's digital films, the "bakla" (gay man) has come a long way in Philippine cinema. But his journey is far from his ultimate goal : social integration and complete acceptance.

Thank you Prof. Ronald Gue for this opportunity to plant the seeds of understanding and appreciation of the Filipino gay man among your students.

Mabuhay kayo!


MiguelCCF said...

Sadly wasn't a student at De La Salle when you made the talk :( Wishing you'd have one again here soon! Haha

MiguelCCF said...

Damn! Wasn't a student here when you made the talk. Any chance you'd have another one this coming school year? Just being open about the gay society lately in the philippines. Wouldn't mind listening to a topic such as this :)