Monday, February 16, 2009

Gay Men Unite!

(Lex and filmmaker Joselito Altarejos (in blue shirt) with friends at the Pride March)

Join and be a part of TASK FORCE PRIDE (the official organizerof the annual Pride March in Manila and other related LGBT events)!

Membership Program Information

Task Force Pride is an ever-evolving member and community-basedorganization of volunteers. The membership is a body that meets monthly with the Coordinators to make decisions to further the mission of theorganization. By becoming a member you will have a direct voice in shaping events that educates and gives back to the LGBT Community (i.e. the annual PrideMarch in Manila and other related LGBT events)

At our monthly meetings, the general membership can provide directinput to Coordinators and the Production Team/s as well as stay informed yearround through monthly e-Newsletters and periodic e-mail updates.

Other benefits of membership include participation in the nomination andselection of key posts, choosing the yearly theme of the Celebrationas well as voting on the selection of the Coordinators. These are just someof the ways in which you can be fully engaged with Pride and the greater LGBT Community!

In addition to what has been mentioned above, all members will:* enjoy special benefits and freebies from corporate sponsors* have the opportunity to make new friends and* create moments with friends and family that will last a lifetime!

For more information submit your query here or
Contact the TFP Secretariat at landline 3863327

Organizations that have participated in the past and/or up to last year
Ang Ladlad, BRIC, Circle of Friends (COF), GABAY, Lunduyan ngSining, MCC, One Bacardi, Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippine (STRAP), Rainbow Rights Project, UP Babaylan, g4Mountains, BED Malate, Government, Fab, INDIGO, PROGAY, Club Mwah, The Library, Palawan, ALMULA, Rainbow Bloggers Philippines, UP Film Institute and many more.

1 comment:

MrCens said...

sir lex,

when will be the culmination of this event? im sure that lgbt all around the world (like me here in dubai) would like to participate.

hope you can post the schedule as early as next entry, hehehe... so that we can arrange our vacation to the philippines accordingly.

gay and proud!