Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meeting Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph is one of the male icons of the infamous penetration movies (PENE movies) wayback in the 80's. He was the favorite leading man to the wild sexy stars of the 80's: Sarsi Emmanuelle, Myra Manibog and other stars who were unafraid to be "penetrated" by their co-actors in front of the camera.

So, it was such a pleasure for me to bump into Mark Joseph in the "weights" area of a popular gym somewhere in the east of Metro Manila. He was introduced to me by his personal trainer as a former actor and is referred as "Doc Mark". I asked what his name was as an actor. And he said he was "Mark Joseph".

Most of the older gay men I know adored Mark Joseph for his gifted thing down there, so upon hearing that name, I immediately looked at his crotch, and then I knew, it must be Mark Joseph. His thin jogging pants gently covered a gigantic package between his legs. My eyes wondered in astonishment. And he was a bit surprised to learn that someone actually still recognizes his name. His personal trainer wondered why I knew his name as an actor. And I just told him, Mark Joseph's an icon!

His face, albeit showing the signs of at least 40 years of life, revealed beauty. And his body was certainly fit for his age.

we chatted for a while and I learned that he is now a practicing chiropractor. He studied in the US and has been holding clinic somewhere in Quezon city and Greenhills.

So, is there a good life after being a Filipino porn actor?

Yes, there is! (I hope Josh Ivan Morales is reading this)

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Anonymous said...

I keep on seaching about Mark Joseph and Thanks that i got one. Yeah i adore him about his big bulging P#####. Can you give me a details about his clinic please? thanks.. Rebenz