Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Secret of My Discreet BF

I had a nice chat with with one of the most iconic television writers in Philippine Entertainment over a fruit shake along the white beach of Boracay.

Mr.J, the award-winning and critically acclaimed writer confessed that when he was about 26 he was living in with a very masculine boyfriend.

In one weird incident of their lives, ten minutes after leaving their house for work, he realized he had to come back for some important document that he had to bring with him. Lo and behold, as their bedroom door opened, he caught his "very discreet" and "very masculine" boyfriend prancing around in a sexy woman's dress.

His "discreet" boyfriend upon being caught with his much kept secret, jumped to the bed and covered himself with blanket.

Mr. J didn't know how to react and just blurted out "okay lang yun!" (that's okay!)

But deep within him, it was far from being okay. He felt betrayed.

The incident led to the breakup a few months after.


Herbs D. said...

ganun lang yun? how can someone's act can end a relationship.

i mean, seriously? would you end up with someone just because of that?

i expect older people to think more rationale to things, but then i guess he doesn't love him THAT much.

Herbs D. said...

p.s. but then again, there could be a lot of factors that might end up their relationship other than the caught act.

line of flight said...

secrets are not good for the long-term health of a relationship. of course, of the variety of macho gays, i prefer a little cross-dressing of Mr. J's bf to Uncle Jonbert's penchant for forcible rape.

Dhon said...


Anonymous said...

HE SHOULD BE HAPPY...he gained a sister aside from having a lover. the family gets bigger (i'll count him as dos) and more exciting...i can imagine him in the bathroom yelling, "HON, CAN I BORROW YOUR GLUTHA LIGHTENING CREAM."