Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Hunky Entourage

I had a nice afternoon chat with my longtime crush and my favorite blog author, RD Dantes over a few drinks at "Hey Jude" in Boracay and one of the things we talked about is the interesting holy week ritual of RGG (Rich Gay Guy) in the island.

Every holy week, RGG who is also a very fit guy brings along with him several models and hunks in the island and parades them around the white sand alleys of Boracay.

It wasn't just RD who relayed this story to me. One of the stars of one of the films I have written, HA (Hunky Actor) also confirmed this story to me with juicier details.

According to my actor friend, RGG befriends all the straight gym buffs of a particular fitness center, and from the gym, he builds his annual entourage.

According to HA, one must have a six-packed abs to avail of the all expense paid trip to Boracay. And most of the straight guys just love to be a part of this. Because RGG, doesn't rquire too many special sexual favors during their stay.

All he requires is for him to touch their abdominal muscles as he pleasures himself to orgasm. A small price to pay for a trip to Bora!

So did HA, did it with RGG? Certainly! And I must say, RGG is such a lucky guy!


Herbs D. said...

ZOMG! RGG is one lucky lucky bitch..haha

i should get me some of them 6packs soon then

Anonymous said...

EH, Lex! an off-road comment from moi :

* the governor of New York state will introduce a same sex gay marriage legislation on Thurs. last vote was circa 2007.

* Sarah Palin of Alaska and once V.P. candi(ass)date, nominated a known gay basher, women's lib opponent, bigot, as her next A.G.

the above news on the radio didn't kick-wake me, but rather one-eye woke me this a.m.


Anonymous said...

rey pamaran is that you!? hahahahahahahahahaha

i totally agree :) if that's rey pamaran, he treats them to baguio from time to time and for their christmas party,he gave all the guys watches from chronos :) sosyal diba!?

Anonymous said...

i know him...RP is the initial,,, he's my neighbor before and he loves the ballers

Anonymous said...

kaya pala he said na "you can't join if you don't have six-pack" or something to that effect.

i am looking at their 2008 trip and wolfy is there - does that mean that ... wait, or HA is wolfy?

grabe kaka-curious talaga.

henry said...

man, if i can't have the six pack, i would rather be the assistant of Rey Pamaran. kasama na lang ako hahaplos ng mga six pack!