Sunday, April 26, 2009


posted by a friend on my facebook wall:


Trend? It's not a shirt.

Rampant? It's not a disease.

It was here way before any of you were born. It's here to stay.

Tolerance, no. Acceptance, no. How do you accept something that preceeded you? It should accept you. You were born into a world with homosexuality. You are in it's turf. You are in the turf of heterosexuals and homosexuals alike.


i hope i could have given credit to the author of this note - Lex


line of flight said...

i agree. it seems the ones that see it in terms of (in)tolerance and (un)acceptance harbor some kind of secret doubt. props to your anonymous friend.

Herbs D. said...

well said.

~+[ FlIp FlOpPeD ]+~ said...

i must say, that was said with utmost angst and truth! Very well said!