Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of Virgin Mary & Transexuals

I recently met someone who is a relative of the famous Virgin Mary visionary from Agoo, La Union, Judiel Nieva. In the early, 90'sm this eleven year old boy has been a household name for Filipinos as thousands have flocked in his hometown to witness the different Marian apparitions he has claimed to be a witness of.

But his Marian phenomenon has been declared a hoax by the Catholic Church.

Now, if you haven't been a follower of Filipino pop culture, Judiel Nieva has changed his name to "Angel Nieva" and has been wearing woman's clothes. And according to my source, Angel has been doing several modeling assignments mostly abroad and has been dating some influential politicos as well.

Now, I was wondering. If the church has approved his Marian phenomenon to be authentic, would he actually allow his "transexual" self to manifest publicly? Had this been the case, could this be a public affirmation that Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and other Christian figures do actually accept transexuals or perhaps the whole gay community?

I'm just curious. What if that had been the case? Would the church change its point of view on gays?


line of flight said...

There is quite a long history of the symbolic hermaphrodite in Catholic history. Of course, the church used to also conduct same-sex marriages in pre-modern Europe, so I don't know if history means anything.

I have always seen collective movements regarding Mary visions to reflect a collective imbalance in gender relations. I suspect the boy did see the visions. I also suspect that his transgender status is related to his seeing the visions. None of which, I'm sure, the church would recognize -- and perhaps they saw in him the future transgender and declared the whole thing a hoax.

Anonymous said...

LISTEN LEX, i am still on the primary stage of getting to know the story behind BB GANDANGHAIR and its showbiz phenomena and now you toss in more vintage bading stories into the salad spinner. why, that's making me further confused and in a state of perplexity...let's all hope that BB does not pull a quick trick of announcing that she is the true reincarnation of the woman plucked from the hip of Adam...OUR PAPA BITOY WILL BE TRULY AMUSED!

Edward said...

Gay haters think gay people are sick and it is a disease. Priests, family and community pray hard to cure gay people, but all their prayers fell on deaf ears. Why? God will not listen because as far as He is concerned, there is nothing wrong with gay people. They are not sick that need healing. Everybody is equal in God's eye.

Lex, if you have the time please watch, "Prayers for Bobby" It has the answers to your nagging question.

Anonymous said...

this LINE OF FLIGHT, is he an ex-communicated priest, dejected seminarian, a hooded monk or Vatican spy? he seems to be too well versed on the business of the Church. let me clarify myself. first, i have no personal problem with that. no envy nor sarcasm. second, i stay away from religion (am public educated) and consider religion a poison and its agents as poison bearer threat...DON'T TRUST THEM AT ALL.

vajrapani said...

Lex, i do think that Mary, Jesus, and all the others would accept people as they are, gay or straight, because all of us are made in God's image and that we have been redeemed by Jesus' death and resurrection (whether we like it or not). The issue seems to be that others just can't accept those who aren't like them (which is quite sad). I beleive that one day all of this will get all sorted out, as the medieval mystic Julian of Norwich said "all will be well, and all will be well, and in the end, all will be well." People will just have to see that for all their differences, all are still the same. Peace!