Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I was walking by the tricycle dominated street outside of our condominium building when a three teenaged gay men with long hair and pubic hair revealing shorts started shouting "Durog! Durog! Durog!" and "Paminta! Paminta! Paminta".

In Filipino colloquial language, Pa-mhin-ta means a gay man who discreetly disguises his gender with masculine behavior and style.

And I just realized, the gay men were actually making fun of me.

I was amused. I am the last person who would ever hide my sexuality from the public. But here I am, being ridiculed by my fellow gay man, for being who I am.


line of flight said...

This exact phenomenon has happened to me many times in Manila in the last five years. I didn't think I was hiding anything!

Anonymous said...

THAT'S NOT BAD AT ALL...growing up in Manila, what i hated most are the streets 5-8 y.o. rascals (are they what you call pasaway nowadays) who would collectively chant "BAKLA, BAKLA, BAKLA) as you pass by. that (aside from other reasons) is why i vowed and worked hard to leave my place of birth... now the only chanting i hear from the side alley is, PSST. FAGGOT, WANNA BLOW, FOLLOW ME.

Suffern AC said...

I didn't realize that the Philippines had its own gay role conformity police force. I guess next time you'll have to show some pubic hair or you might get your permit revoked.